Israel Day 6

Last night we stayed in the Safad Inn. It was very homey with free wireless, comfortable beds, with a B&B atmosphere. The day started with a continental plus breakfast with homemade bread and jams. Now we are on the road to the Golan Heights which were taken by the Israelis in 1967. The Golan is 2400′. The Golan actually has skiing in the winter. We are entering the Golan which borders on Syria. It’s hard to believe that a war is going on across the border and people are being killed.

Now i am looking out over the site of a famous October of 1976 the Yom Kippur war began. The Israelis were caught completely by surprise. The Egyptians to the south and the Syrians from the north began an attack on two fronts. The Israelis risked losing their position in the Golan Heights, a strategic location for their existence. President Richard Nixon urged Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to mount an emergency military air lift and saved Israel a strategic position.

The Israelis in the north were outnumber. The Syrians had 500 tanks to the Israelis’ 250. The Syrians tanks were equipped with night vision and laser sighting. They also had Mig fighters against a vastly under equipped air force. The battle raged for over 3 days with the Israelis besting the Syrians with a loss of 800. Many heroes were named. The battle site became know as the Valley of Tears.