Israel Day 7

We are on the bus again heading north towards the Lebanon border. We will be visiting the port of Acco to see Rosh Hanikra. There are grottos which have been formed over centuries by the crashing of the waves. We took the longest cable car in the world down to see level and then entered the grotto the thunder of the waves echoed through the tunnels. We could get close enough to feel the spray coming in from the Mediterranean Sea. Above us about 30 meters up is Lebanon. After viewing the grotto we saw a move about the Grotto and how the Israelis had built two tunnels. On the other side of the screen was the country of Lebanon.


Next we went to Acre where we. Visited the Citadel which was built by the Crusaders. Also we went to Acre Prison which is featured in the movie Exodus with Paul Newman. Acre Prison was run by the British and was the home for many Israeli leading up to statehood in 1948. Also on the tour was a visit to Jazeer Mosque which is the second holiest mosque in the world.


Our final stop for the day was in Haifa. Haifa if the home of the Ba Hai faith which features the most beautiful tiered gardens. Look for the gold dome near the base of the picture. Then it was time head for Tel Aviv. We arrived in Tel Aviv at 7 P.M. Ready to take the night off after a quick dinner.

This has been an amazing journey in an amazing country. I am hoping that I will have time to reflect on what I have seen and recall what I am feeling.


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