Jesus May Already be Here

JesusThe other morning while I was getting dressed there was a televangelist on TV extolling and warning that we better be preparing for the coming of The Lord aka Jesus Christ.  He spoke of his acts of kindness And that we should live our lives following His wishes if we wanted to be saved in heaven. At the end of the broadcast they reminded the listeners that they child purchase the very special ministry bible for only $59.95

Now since I am Jew I look at Jesus as just another prophet following the laws that had already been done in the writings in the Torah scripts. Yesterday I performed a random act of kindness that the details of which are not needed here. But I got to thinking how would anybody recognize if Jesus actually returned. What would he look like? Would he still be dressed in his old street robes? Would he still carry his scars from the crucifixion?

Maybe Jesus has returned. He is certainly not present in many Christians who seem to have forgotten most of his simple teachings. Maybe he is present in some of the great people who have come before who spent their lives doing random acts of kindness throughout their lives. People like Abraham Lincoln, Mother Theresa, and Nelson Mandela.

So as we have now entered the season of giving, I thought every season was for giving, what will you do to help those in need. I think I saw Jesus just the other day or was it someone just putting some coins in a Salvation Army kettle?

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  1. Jesus will be unmistakable when he returns according to scripture…it’ll be huger than we can imagine! I’m sure we see His character in the kindness of giving, and yes Christians are flawed too…we’ll never be perfect until He returns (but hopefully will grow more Christ like in the meantime!) 🙂 Very thought provoking post – thanks for sharing 🙂

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