Killing Time in Recovery and a Little Political Ranting

For those of you who don’t know I had lumbar back surgery about four weeks ago.  I have another week before I meet with the surgeon who performed the operation.  So far it seems like it has been a success but because of the very cold weather I have been very restricted in what I can do. 

Because I am not supposed to sit for very long I can’t go out and drive for Uber so I am missing a lot of human contact.  I have been able to practice my guitar a lot and I actually found an excellent lesson plan app at Justin Guitar.     It is found under the app tab.  It includes features that I have been unable to find at more expensive programs.  This one is no charge.  

This is the place where I was going to rail against the Administration.   It has been extremely difficult watching Trump tear down everything this country has stood for and be aided and abetted by the worst version of the Republican party that I can ever remember. 

I could stop watching the news but that is not going to help.  His latest infraction with the use of the word shit house  number one should not surprise anyone.  He has a long history of that.  He is just the worst person for the job.  Jane Eisner  a writer for the Forward  gave a new slant to his behavior.  Trump has a fundamental lack of gratitude.  When you think about it you see a man who is extremely self centered and forgets about all the people who helped him get where he is today. Among those people are the many people of color who worked and built his buildings.  On their backs he became a success.   

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  1. Oy Uncle Bob poor you I hope your not in a lot of pain! Looking forward to hearing best news when you see you Dr. Love you Steph.

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