Leaving Israel

We are at Ben Gurion Airport waiting to depart from Israel. Let me see if I can accurately describe what security was like. First upon entering the grounds we went through the first check point which entailed a quick check of the cab and a view of the passengers, my wife and myself. The bus next to us was more complete the cargo area the underside was scanned. Next was the interview which was questions, when did we arrive, what was the purpose of the visit, where we landing on the states, did we ever study or could we read Hebrew? Since both of us had been to Hebrew school as children she asked if we belonged to a congregation back home and it’s name? The questions were delivered quickly. All the time the interview was taking place there was complete eye contact. These are trained professionals.

After the interview the luggage was put through a scanner and tagged. Next was check-in with United followed by another scan of the carry on luggage. Throughout the entire procedure eye contact was maintained. Never once was I asked to remove my belt, my shoes, my eyeglasses, my pen, my wallet or my spare change. No little children or old ladies were body searched and no body scanners were seen or used. I am sure however that I am being observed as I sit here writing and enjoying my cappuccino. By the way if you should be in Ben Gurion I highly recommend the poppy seed yogurt.


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  1. Must be comforting to experience that level of expert security. Do they have problems with the taking of street photos in Israel? Glad you had a fulfilling trip.

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