Let’s Privatize America

Let’s privatize America.  That’s what we can expect from the new Trump Administration.  As Jarod Kushner the Presidents son-in-law says we will treat the citizens like customers.  In a way that’s what we currently have.  We are stock holders in this great venture and if we don’t like what we are getting we can vote out the CEO and the board members.  The problem with that is that not enough of the qualified voters even voted and what we ended up with is something looking much like an oligarchy.

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan was run a lot like a business.  Chaney immediately stepped in a privatatized most of that action by assigning many of the support jobs like security and building to private companies like Haliburtan and  Black Water.  We ended up with guards making in excess of 100 thousand dollars do do the same job that our military police are trained for.  Their are specially trained people throughout the military so why do we give those jobs away?

Trump wants to do the same thing with infrastructure rebuilding. His proposal is to give huge tax benefits to contractors for building or rebuilding our roads and bridges.  In addition to the tax breaks they would also be able to apply tolls which has been already done and people are paying exorbitant rates to travel across bridges and roads.

The theory that you can run a country or a state like a business is a fallacy in my opinion.  The scale of these entities do no match private businesses. The country is nor a for profit animal.  It at best should break even.  Today’s adminstration will nor show a profit rather they will go deeply into the hole.  A business matches it’s revenue with it’s expenses and adds a profit.  This country ignores its expenses and sees how it can reduce it’s revenue by giving massive tax cuts to it’s richest taxpayers which is accomplished by cutting programs front the people with the most need.  A good example would the Farm Bill.  Food Stamps are included in that bill along with subsidies to Agribusiness. Guess who gets the ax in that scenario?