Let Them Eat Cake

Governor LePageSo I was watching television and looking at Facebook when I stumbled upon a discussion about our state Governor Paul LePage.  For some reason he manage to get re-elected to a second term with a landslide of 30% of the 30% of those people who actually voted in this mid-term election.  A crushing mandate typical of voting habits of the voting public.  Over his 4 years in his first term he managed to come up with one of the worst job growth records in state history in a country that was showing growth in jobs.  Following the midterm elections the Republicans would take credit for this because they had spent 4 years doing nothing but block everything the President tried.  I have not become a great fan of Obama but I will save that for another story. 

Now back to the Facebook story.  Upon taking office he announced that he would work towards removing the income tax and he would pay for it by increasing the sales tax and adding it to every good and service.  That means You hire a lawyer you pay a sales tax and the beat goes on.  The sales tax increase would greatly effect the lower income who are struggling to get by with what they have.  A side bar lower income people pay about 45% of their income on transportation costs just getting to work. 

The other thing that is a sure thing is that already high property taxes would increase to cover the loss of revenue income.  Programs would have to be cut.  That would mean social services and our infrastructure projects and well as other basics would also have to be cut. 

I asked my cousin, Richard Rosen, Commissioner of Administration and Financial Services how would they make up for the loss and how would I pay for my increased property taxes.  He never quite got around to how the revenue make up would happen but that I would get an increased tax deduction on my property taxes…another loss of revenue for the state.  Richard is another Kool-Aid drinking Republican who has not worried about how he will pay his taxes for a very long time…and so the beat goes on.