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Long No Snow Winter

Sun FlareIn southern Maine it has been a very boring photographic winter. Here we are in the middle of February and there is very little snow in the City of Portland.
so what usually happens is I turn to Photoshop and look for something old I can work on.
Working with my newly downloaded Topaz Labs Star Effects software I came up with this. The preset is Sun Flare. It’s really difficult to use. You just click on the preset and the effect is instantly applied. You can go on to make adjustments if you wish. In this case it is out of the box and I am on my way to watch the pre-pre-game Super Bowl events and probably fall asleep.

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4 Responses to “Long No Snow Winter”

  1. Bill

    That’s a nice Topaz effect. I don’t have the Labs Star package yet, although it looks interesting. Hope to see some more from you using Labs Star.

  2. KarenAnn

    We also have had a boring winter photographically with very little snow. I was tempted but didn’t end up with the STAR effects filter before the sale was over. Maybe at a later date.

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