Maine A Delight For Wine Lovers

 I am sitting here waiting for American Airlines to re-book me on my flight to Cancun.  I am hoping they didn’t cancel the other flight because of loose seats.  What a way to start a vacation.  Anyway while I was waiting I found this article on wine growing in Maine.  I have been to a couple of the wineries and some of the wines were quite good.  I hope you enjoy the story and I hope I don’t die while on hold.

[repostus hash=9771cae8d2d94bc383c449865a9ae0ae title=Maine+A+Delight+For+Wine+Lovers host=Clean+Me short=1gyHb snip=Wine+Travel+%E2%80%93+Maine+A+Delight+For+Wine+Lovers+By+Jim+Hofman+Being+Chicagoans%2C+we%E2%80%99ve+always+enjoyed+the+changing+of+the+seasons.+Spring+brings+rebirth+and+summer+offers+the+warmth+of+all+that%E2%80%99s+good+about+life.+Autumn+arrives+in+a+blaze+of+color%2C+while+winter+has+its+own+quiet+sense+of+beauty.%26hellip%3B thumb=2404920 jump=1]

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