Man of LaMancha

This was performed 11/15/2014 at the Marblehead H.S. in Marblehead, Ma.  I have sat and endured many plays staring in Nursery school up to and including High School.  That’s what you do when you are a father of a grandfather.  Last night was an incredible performance by some remarkably talented young men and women.


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  1. Hi Bob,

    Its Denise in Toronto. Enjoyed the video of the kids. Spoke to Danny and Gail and on Saturday and they said the family was attending the play. How lovely for you to be able to engage with your grandchildren. Sarah is due this week with our first grandchild. I do wish she was in Toronto so we would have an opportunity to be hands on. She is coming to stay with us in January with the baby for a month so that will provide and opportunity to get to know our new granddaughter. Wish I could have seen you and Judy when you were in Toronto. I am still laid up with a herniated disc that seems to be taking its time to improve.

    Anyway still following your lovely photos. Take care,

    Your niece


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