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Manulife John Hancock Building

I was walking the Back Bay area in Boston, Mass marveling at all the green space that Boston has to offer. The most well know is the Public Gardens and the Commons across the street. Probably lesser know are the area between a lot of the major thoroughfares. Some are simple court yards while others contain elaborate areas with flowers and fountains. There are play areas for both children and dogs. Some very intriguing areas are the modern day victory gardens.

The building shown here viewed from one of the green areas in the Manulife John Hancock building with the old John Hancock seen behind it.

Manulife John Hancock Building

4 Responses to “Manulife John Hancock Building”

  1. Jacki

    Love how you caught the sky’s reflections in the windows/facade of those buildings.

  2. KarenAnn

    That building really photographs beautifuly with all the varigations of sky blue and reflections. Your framing with branches shows that there are some of the green spaces present that you outline in your narrative. In a way it reminds me of the way the Emerald City appeared out of the distance to Dorothy in the Oz movie.

  3. patty

    Perfect day for this capture with blue sky and the clouds.
    Only was in Boston once decades ago most memorable was the way people parked their cars in driving lanes and walked away.

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