Mark’s Hot Dogs

On the corner of Middle and Exchange Streets in Portland, Maine, near Tommy’s Park, Starbuck’s , numerous boutiques and art gallery’s and some of the best restaurants in the country if not the world sits Mark’s Hot Dogs. For almost 27 years Mark has served up some of the best hot dogs you could ever have.Mark
The fare is simple. Boiled red skin or brown on heated rolls. What would like on it yellow or brown spicy how about onions or sauerkraut or chili? There is green relish or red spicy relish. Dogs not to your liking then how about Italian sausage with pepper and onions.

The part of all is Mark. No matter what the weather you are always greeted with a smile and a warm hello. So if you want a great dog and the ambiance to go with it just look for the little red cart on the corner of Middle and Exchange Streets in Portland, Maine.

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  1. Somehow in this season of rich and sometimes complicated holiday food, a good hot dog really is appealing! I too think your processing and viewpoint/crop is perfect for this photo. Happy Holidays to you!

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