Marriage Equality

CatholicsI had no intention of taking any pictures Sunday but I saw this group on Cumberland Street in Portland carrying signs so I turned around to see what was going on.  What I found was the end of a demonstration conducted by a small group from Catholics for Marriage Equality of Maine.  It was quite a surprise when you consider the hate that had developed over gay marriage from people bent on governing everything.  It was particularly refreshing when you consider that the last time around the Catholic Diocese $250 million fighting against gay marriage. It was like they didn’t have anything more pressing where they could have used the money. 
Anyway I had a chance to speak to these “renegades”.  Frank DeSarvo from Kittery said that he had learned in Catholic school when he was young to follow his heart which is why he and his friends have decided to go against the directions of the church.  Anne Underwood who actually is a founder of the organization voiced a similar opinion.  It was nice to find that a part of the world still has a loud voice to speak up for those whose rights are being trampled. 

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