More Homeless

Had some time to myself so I went downtown for some street photography.  Maybe it’s me but there seemed to be more panhandlers today than usual.  This was a banner day for street portraiture.  I parked my car and I spied Laurel holding the mandatory cardboard qualification sign.  You get qualified if you are disabled, homeless, trying to get home, need to feed my kids, or any number of pull at the heart strings pleas.  Am I getting jaded and immune to it all.  I guess not because I still stop, take the picture, and give them money.  Laurel’s story is she has been injured on one side and so she can’t lift her arms so that takes her out of a lot of jobs.  

Next was Tom.  Tom can’t get hired for manual labor because his hands are too arthritic.  So when people see his hands they won’t hire him.  If I sound a little skeptical I am.