More Reverse Lens Macro

Print JPEG-1So today is another balmy 14° with a wind-chill down to about -14° so what a great opportunity to try some more reverse lens macro photography.  This is an example of some of todays shots.  I grabbed my tripod today because the depth of focus is very shallow and hand held doesn’t work too well.  The other thing I did was I tried out Lightroom’s print feature. It allowed me to do a cluster of photos, add a background, and print to JPEG.  I thought that was pretty cool.  Next I will try to actually print the JPEG which should be sized to 8 X !0 paper size.   


2 Replies to “More Reverse Lens Macro”

  1. Awesome macros…Love the simplicity and the vivid colors. I have never tried lightrooms print feature…now you have me curios…love the layout!

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