Moving Forward

April 23, 2016…From this date forward,  this site will only be about photography and my vision of the life around me.  The political world will have to carry on without me.  I spent just too much time railing about things which I could not control.  From now it  will be a mixture of video and still photography with each item telling a story.  There will be links to My Online Store  where if you like you may buy what you like and bring them into your homes or places of work. 

Mt Katahdin
Mt Katahdin

2 Replies to “Moving Forward”

  1. I have even half stopped watching all the politics of the world…I like this much better…beautiful!!!!!

    1. Thank you Tammy. I hope your mother is enjoying her new puppy. As I said I always wanted a boarder but then I read about how much they need to be worked.

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