Mt. Katahdin

If you haven’t been to Baxter State Park and Mt. Katahdin put it on your bucket list.  Katahdin would be considered a hill compared to the mountains of the west.  It is only about one mile high but the mountain and the surrounding area of the park are almost magical.  We hiked a mile up one of the approach trails and I only want to return to record the beauty of the trail in more detail.  The Abol stream to the right of the trail was musical adding to the mystique of the climb.  Bright green moss covered the rocks and fallen trees and were kissed by the rays of sun that filtered through the trees.  A chipmunk greeted us on the way up.  It kept pace with us on the way up never going far away.  When called it returned to me and touched my outstretched with its nose before scampering away.