My Apologies to the Bugs

This post is an apology to the bug world.  I am sure most of you are smart enough not to end up on the windshields of the world.

IMG_1855 copy

3 Replies to “My Apologies to the Bugs”

  1. I guess I misunderstood the symbolism of your post yesterday…that the windshield was a barrier to progress and that the bug referred to those wanting to get something done and constantly bug, bug, bugging the establishment (such as a sticky fly). Well, whatever! After all, the bug you pictured yesterday wasn’t smooshed or just a splat…which is what the average citizen or voter feels like in the light of what goes on in Washington and state politics lately. Try to do an honest day’s work and help make the world go round and the windshield barrier of politics seems to be in the way. Best to you!

  2. Oh, BTW, I like both today’s and the previous photos… this so vivid and sharp, yesterday’s symbolic and thought provoking for me.

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