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My Friend John

Hard TimesThis was supposed to be my first ever video interview with John.  This was going to be my first video interview with anyone.  I went to the place where he always was collecting bottles so he could support himself.  Sadly I found that John had passed away during the week. One of his friends was standing in for John and he agreed to do the interview.  As I said it was my first ever interview with anyone and I forgot to turn on the mike.  So I decided to do my own first time self interview.  

I had been taking street portraits for a few years and John was one of my first subjects.   John was very receptive to talking to me about his life and his goals.  His daily life was among the large recycle receptors.  There he would take the bottles and cans that people were throwing away and turn them in for money.  He told me that most days he would take in $20 to $30 which he would turn in to cash.  He always said it was enough to get by on.  I don’t think he ever missed a day.  He was always there no matter what the weather.  In the end he was there with his oxygen bottle because of COPD. 

I will miss John.  He was such a good person.  What else does a person need for an epitaph? 

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