My New Life

Depending on how you look at it yesterday was the first day of the rest of my life.  The company I was working for, that I had planned to be my last job, decided unexpectedly to eliminate the jobs of about 40 people.  So after the initial shock subsided I started to take stock of my life.

I am 70 years old soon to be 71 and I had already been planning to retire in 2015.  With that in mind what would I do to fill in the next year and a half?  I know I don’t want to go back into sales and I had ruled out being a Wal-Mart greeter long ago.  Does this look like the face of a Wal-Mart? I didn’t think so. One option could be annoying the grandchildren.

6 Replies to “My New Life”

  1. Sorry to hear about your situation. Somehow a third party deciding on what your life will be is alot tougher than ones own personal decision on leaving an organization.

    You are never too old to be young.

  2. I am sorry to hear your job was eliminated, and I am hoping this situation turns out to be a wonderful opportunity for you. Your grandchildren will reap the benefits of your early retirement by having you around more.

  3. Well, I say take advantage of a bad situation. Enjoy your grandkids and wife and photography and whatever else it is you love to do. You’ll soon find yourself wondering how you ever did all those things AND worked!

  4. I heard from some friends who I worked with at Hearst Media Services formerly LocalEdge formerly Talking Phone Book in Greenville SC. If I understood them correctly, they eliminated all the jobs in markets where they had no phone books anymore. They also told me the news was delivered via Powerpoint presentation! Ouch.

    Anyway, sorry to hear that is not what you were wanting to happen. I left on my own a year ago because I just didn’t believe in the game plan and had lost confidence in the fullfillment team to deliver what I sold. Nice people up there in Buffalo but I just didn’t thnk the company was going anywhere. I gave it three years which was probably one year longer than I should have stayed. I actually am surprised it lasted another year. All the best to you.

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