New Beginnings

Following surgery this week on my back I was left with not much to do but recuperate.  I did manage to do some major work on my website using a new theme Photography.    I added a Gallery Tab which redirects to my SmugMug account which gives direct access to my for sale photography.  There is also a redirect tab to my YouTube channel.  Because my movement has been somewhat limited for the past six months I have been limited in my photography activity so the below picture is from my vaults.

 winter snow at cemetary
Winter at Evergreen Cemetery

2 Replies to “New Beginnings”

    1. DAvid
      Happy New Year to you. The surgery went well with a minimum of pain and heavier drugs. I’m hoping to get back to my Uber driving on a shorter schedule to begin with. Following doctors orders. Can’t wait to get back to some serious photography.

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