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New Orleans Again

 Rob...Shoe shine man After spending a week trying to get Adobe Photo Shop Elements to re install I downloaded Adobe Light Room.  Still trying to find my way around Adobe Light Room.  It took me a while before I found a video explaining that nothing ever gets saved in the traditional manner.

The good news is that all my Topaz Lab plug ins still work and actually installed easier than in Elements.

Here is a shot of a gentleman that I met in New Orleans a few years ago.  He shines shoes every day right next to the Mississippi River.  He said “I bet you five dollars I know where you got your shoes.”  Don’t tell anyone if you know.  I did end up getting a shine. 

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3 Responses to “New Orleans Again”

  1. Tammy

    I am still trying to find my way around in lightroom….lots different than elements! This is a wonderful portrait…love all of the personality you captured!

  2. Lois

    Iphoto is my choice for storing my images. Lightroom’s storage is not what I am interested in. Having said that, I really like the ease of developing images in ACR which is to my understanding very much like Lightroom. Wish there was a way to use the two together.

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