New Pano

Do you think I jump from one specialty to another?  Maybe your right.  Last night while I was watching television and play around with my iPad I discovered a new app for panoramas.  it is called 360 Cities .  It allows you to shoot panos from your iPad and it is so easy to do.  Below is a small pano I shot in my living room…we won’t tell my wife.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was to shot and upload and post on the 360 Cities site.  I now have an account where they store my work and then I can grab the code to embed in my web page.  Now if you don’t have an iPad and you are working from your PC than you can work with a group called  Panomonkey which allows you to upload your pictures and create panoramas.  At quick glance it looks like you can download your work in small size free or $2.50 for a large copy.  I know the shot below is not very impressive but heh I was in my living room!


Test pano livingroom in USA

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