No Wi-Fi

Here we are on the first leg of our trip to Sedona, Arizona. There is no Wi-Fi on the plane so I will have to amuse myself by reading or fidgeting which always pleases my wife. ADD can be a wonderful thing.
There will be no pictures for this post. I will get to have breakfast when we land. I love grits. Did I tell you I started my diet yesterday? I know who starts a diet while starting a vacation? The device I am going to use for my diet is My Fitness Pal. It is an app that I can use on my iPad as well as my Droid. It tracks calories plus any fitness activity I care to participate in.
Here comes my complimentary beverage. I am flying US Airways and it’s almost like an upgrade. I get the whole can of Coke unlike on Delta where you only get a small cup. They do include the ice.
Well off to la la land for a while…