A Not so Rotten Apple

untitledEarlier in the week I told about the problem I had with my iPad in that I got looked out of it and in order to use it I had to (1) prove that I owned it by emailing my proof of purchase to the security police of Apple. And (2) I had to wait until the police found time to solve my problem.  It all started Saturday morning and by 5:00PM Monday evening I still didn’t have what I wanted and I use the iPad for presentations at work.  

So Tuesday afternoon I went into the Apple store at the Maine Mall and just about 20 minutes later the iPad was unlocked and I was on my way.  Now mind you no one at Apple support ever told me I could do this so I waisted 3 days.  The lesson here is if you have a problem with an Apple devise and you have an Apple Store nearby, and after my experience nearby could be within 100 miles, you the store as your first choice.  

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