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Occupation Maine Revisited

I read in the paper that Occupation Maine was going to re-occupy Lincoln Park in Portland, Maine.  When told by the city that they had to move the occupants sued the city and decided not to move.  The city than decided to counter sue the occupants.  Today was reoccupation day at 1PM and an organizational meeting was scheduled for 3PM.  I arrived at 2:55PM and I saw a minimum of activity. 

IMG_2576 copy These are the first people I met.  He is an unpublished writer who has been to New York where he said the atmosphere is more activist like and organized.  He explained that he wasn’t sure if the meeting would take place because a lot of people were in New Hampshire covering the debates.  He has been camping out for about three months.  I asked how he supported himself and apparently the young woman with him works 3 jobs up in Rockland, Maine.  She works at three jobs two restaurants and a gym. 

There was a meeting or an OM.  That’s an Organizational Meeting.  The world cannot surviveIMG_2580 copy without acronyms.  In all maybe a dozen people including myself and a TV camera man.  We all gathered around in a circle listened to an official looking man read some notes from a clip board.  Admittedly I didn’t follow that closely.  Something was mentioned about Lincoln park which had been named for Abraham Lincoln.  Nobody mentioned anything about freeing the slaves but Viet Nam vet mentioned when he was here at the park in ‘68 he got beat up by the cops.  The speaker then said that we had come a long way.

I am still confused because there seems to be no underling plan or platform which they are standing on.  Don’t get me wrong the truth is still out there.  We all bailed out the banks.  They are still making huge profits.  Those at the top are still being rewarded with huge bonuses and the middle class is still sinking.  Maybe this guy was in attendance to serve as a reminder that we really haven’t come that far.  IMG_2579 copy

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2 Responses to “Occupation Maine Revisited”

  1. KarenAnn

    Interesting documentation of the state of this movement there in Maine. Too bad it has sorta stalled along the way.

  2. patty

    Good to see you out there digging around in the cold. It seems to take on the feeling of college protests back in the 60’s when a few were dedicated and many showed up just because…

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