Oh God

So today I am thinking about God.  It is my prayer that no one gets offended.  My disclaimer is that these are my thoughts and beliefs so don’t even think you doing your own personal jihad against me or try to get me excommunicated from a church I don’t belong to or try to convert me, save me or otherwise do harm to me. 

First, if you haven’t figured it out from my name, I am a Jew.  My origins began 4000 years ago when a man called Abraham spoke to someone named God who commanded him to kill his kid.  I know it sounds a lot like some modern stories you’ve heard but the part about Abraham being a real person is factual…I think.  His name may have been different but the tribes of Israel existed and as much as some wish they hadn’t is not my issue here.

So I digress a little.  I am known for that.  Just ask my wife and children who have put up with me for a long long time.  Anyway here is what I think.  During the time of Abraham there were all kinds of peoples and they all had there own gods that they created in their own images.  These gods were all created in their own images so they would be familiar to them and help explain natural occurrences in their daily lives.  I know you aren’t liking “in their own images” because it sounds a little like blasphemy.  Bear with me please. 

What prompted to write this post is this. I heard yesterday that if Rick Perry is elected,  President of the United States, one of his first acts, would be to promote an amendment to the constitution to ban gay marriage in the United States.  Whoa!  This is my kind of guy.  With 40 million people on food stamps, our school system is disarray, and our infrastructure crumbling, why wouldn’t this be important.  I know it’s a big thing because it says in the bible a man should not lie with another man.  It also says adultery is punishable by stoning.  That in itself would reduce the size of government by half. 

That bring me to my god.  You see I believe everyone has their own god that lives within us.  That god has a big influence over my life.  I know it’s confusing and to me the whole god thing is confusing.  When a football teams prays to help them beat the crap out of the opposing team  how does god decide.  On a more serious note did God let 6 million Jews die or I don’t know how many Cambodians, or the people dying from the famine in Africa? 

Now here is the deep stuff.  In the beginning…you’ve heard that phrase right?  In the beginning there was nothing as in a big void.  It was black nothing nada and God said “Let there be light!”.  See now that’s where I get totally lost.  Can you even perceive nothing?  Neither can I.  So here is what  I did.  I created my own god but instead of calling it god I call it a force.  I need this because I can’t imagine some old dude with a long flowing beard starting all this universe.  I don’t think there is a god which decides who lives and dies.  I don’t think a god wants you to blow yourself up to insure your place in paradise. 

I believe that my heaven is created in my little space on this that I have some control over.  I wake up every morning and I do my best and live guided with the mores that I was taught.  I try not to judge others.  And I try to be so much more than the Rick Perry’s of the world.  You see my god laughs or cries  at the Rick Perry’s.  Now if your stuck and you want a picture of my god because sometimes I have to give god a personality here he is.

Oh God

See the  movie again and let me know if it works for you.

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2 Replies to “Oh God”

  1. Thought provoking….I was brought up a cradle Catholic with 12 yrs parochial education. I don’t toe the “party line” anymore and have my own interpretation of religion. One can’t help believing in “God” when one is in contact with the natural world as much as I am. It’s amazing no matter if it was “created in 7 days”, evollved or whatever! I tired of the way women were always subservient, told “God will provide” and then kept a prisoner with LARGE families. Enough said…. Best to you!

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