On the High Line

My big trick wil be staying awake long enough ti write this post.  We are just wrapping up one and a half days in New York City.  I included just the most incredible concert with Billy Joe where he performed at the Madison Square Garden on 34th st.  I will be talking about it more in another post but suffice it to say that Billy was Billy and performed flawlessly.

Today we waked the High Line.  The High Line is an elevated walkway which runs from.  It wasoriginally a freight railway designed to move freight north in Manhattan.  The have built a botanical garden which runs across town for 14th street to 32nd street with plans to extend it longer.  It winds itself about two stories up in height.  It is filled with plants and trees taking over the existing rail which are still visible hidden between the rails.  Refer to the link above for more information.  I have included a mural which i am sorry that I don’t remember the tile.  It represents a laborer who caould be carrying rails.