On the Rails

Hard TimesTwo hours on the way to New Jersey I’ve been seeing some beautiful sights and some not so beautiful. I’ve seen a lot of backs of buildings rail side. Right now we are passing through Bridgeport, Connecticut. We’re getting some nice clouds to backup any pictures I want to take from the window. You definitely get an other side of the tracks traveling through the cities.

I have recycled the attached picture with a grunge factor. Anyone in Portland, Maine who has ever gone to the recycling bins knows John. I took this picture when I first met him about three years ago. He was disabled falling off a ladder while performing his last real job as a painter. His job now is collecting bottles and cans before they make it into the bins. John has his on account with Clink which is a company that redeems returnables. I have seen him often going to the redemption center to cash in his booty with his shopping cart just overladen with as many Clink bags as he can carry.