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On the Waterfront

Yesterday following the Super Moon sighting was another beautiful day.  It had been reported that we had a pair of nesting osprey near the new super docking pier.  There is concern that if the nesting continued that it could hamper the docking of the cruise ships that visit Portland in the late summer.  I don’t know what has been decided but I couldn’t see where the nest was supposed to be.  At least I didn’t see any structures tall enough for them to nest.  This picture is left over pilings from a dry dock that was used by Bath Iron Works.  

5 Responses to “On the Waterfront”

  1. Ray

    Believe these pilings were from the old state pier. BIW’s drydock was further from shore and not anchored with wooden pilings. The Osprey nest has been moved.

  2. Otto von Münchow

    It’s a lovely picture with lovely structures and patterns. I really love the way the patterns of the seaweed on the pilings is reflected (both literally and figuratively) in the water. The colours are great with the contrast between the cool water and the warm pilings.

  3. Patty

    Really like your shot Robert! Hope the osprey have found a new nesting spot.

  4. KarenAnn

    This is a very interesting view with all its textures and the rippling reflections in the water. It seems to have great depth of color too.

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