Playing God

So I was up early today and as sometimes happens I open up Photoshop.  I upgraded to Elements Version 9 a couple of months ago and decided to explore some of it’s editing capabilities.  Here is the original print.


Next this one I posted yesterday.  I think it’s a little dark But I like the affect or effect,you decide, of the veins  in the petals.

Yellow Tuberous Begonia

Then I went into the guided edit mode and applied a lomo effect , theirs that word again, and a slight vignette effect…I have to look that word up.

Natural Beauty

And finally this.

Natural Beauty

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3 Replies to “Playing God”

  1. I’ve got version 9 but haven’t installed it yet. Don’t know what I’m waiting for except I didn’t want any headaches and have read that some have various problems with it. Have ver 6 and ver 8 but got 9 on sale for cheap so figured why not. Did you have any troubles with it?

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