President Trump

September 16, 2017

It’s been almost a year since Donald J. Trump was sworn in as the President of the United States.  His promise to make things better again has long been forgotten. The wall he said he would build is almost completed.  Since most of the land long thousands of miles along the border was not public land it had been seized using public domain laws.  The landowners have been at much lower values then they were worth.  Half of the eleven million undocumented have been deported in clouding the children who were born in the United States and were actually legal citizens.

The jobs he promised never happened.  Because of the inflation that took place because the money was so devalued the low interest rates disappeared and businesses could not afford to invest in their businesses so massive lay offs are happening instead.  Those followers of Trump became disenchanted and now are beginning to take out their frustrations on who ever they can find to blame.  There is talk of concentration camps for the few remaining Muslims still in the country.  There are food shortages in a country that once had more than any other country.

Almost immediately upon taking office, as promised, Trump began to rebuild the millatry. Huge cruises and battleship now a thing of the past for a modern navy were ordered to be built.  The number of army troops was almost doubled to over one million men. A draft needed to be reinforced to make sure there was enough able bodies available.  Negotiations with other countries has become almost non-existent.

Every thing you thought would happen if Trump became president is happening. The press who may have prevented this had they been more outspoken is now almost silent.  If I would describe the color as a color it would be grey. Grey is th color I ways used to describe North Korea.  There are definitely undercurrents and whispers of taking the country back but it is done quietly in dark corners. One has to be careful.  As they used to say in Nazi Germany the walls have ears.  You don’t know who you can trust.

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