Red Skies in the Morning

I saw this sky the other day and it brought back the old saying…Red Skies in the Morning Sailors Take Warning.  In my opinion America has had more red sky warnings than ever before.  This will be brief  because Donald Trump is wearing me out this week. 

I think it started out with the jobs market.  Apparently a lot of manufacturers are opening new plants in Mexico.  That following Trumps grand plan to keep them all here. Then of course Ford is increasing their building capacity by 9 billion dollars over next ten years thanks to Trump but hold on dirt breath apparently this all came about because of a deal Ford made with the UAW back in 2013.  Score one for Obama. 

Over the last couple of days he has been spouting off over Syria and North Korea.  He said that he feels very very badly for the children of Syria following the chemical attack and he is feeling very very badly  concerning the nuclear proliferation with North Korea.  Both of these things are blamed you guessed it Obama. If he can pin the shooting of Abraham Lincoln I am sure he will. 

With all that and that is only the tip of the iceberg but it’s all I can stomach tonight and still make dinner.  Remember we elected a businessman, and not that successful a businessman, with no experience in the military, intelligence, and diplomacy.  Bullying a contractor to accept 10 cents on the dollar is not the same as working diplomatically on the world stage.  I will try to get it together tomorrow more incite into as the stomach turns.