Retirement Day 4

ODowneast Duckk so this was the first day since my retirement when I normally would have gotten up and gone to work.  Today I didn’t go to work.  I didn’t call in to my morning conference call.  I didn’t email my manager to tell what my plans were for the day stressing what I may or may not sell.  I didn’t call a ton of new prospects for appointments to have them say they were “all set”.  Today I looked in the mirror and said ” What the fuck am I going to do now”.  

I have asked my friends who have retired:

“What do you do all day?”  The response goes something like this. 

” I don’t know but somehow the day flies by.” 

I say “I know but what do you do to fill the time?” 

“I do a lot of things.”

Based on these responses having enough money will not be as big a problem as I thought it would be.  I have had days like that and I usually got off free.  So loaded with that information I proceeded to stay busy.  One of the things I did was work on my on-line photo store   with the hope that if I get it organized someone may actually find something they like to buy and put on their living room wall. 

Next I put away some stuff on the third floor at the request of my wife. After that I went to Amato’s for a Panini and a Whoopee pie and a drink and I ate that down by the water. Lastly I returned the office equipment that my employer had loaned and before I knew it 3 hours had just flown by and I was well on my way to settling in on retirement.  Yes I could really get the hang of this after a frontal lobotomy!  Check in with me tomorrow to see how I’m doing and don’t for get to like me at

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