Retirement Day Not

Beautiful LibbySo after 5 days of retirement I have decided that my brain had not petrified nearly enough to enjoy retirement.  Here’s some of the problems with my retiring.  No doubt the money plays a big part.  I also have so many more things to buy.  I still can recall what kind of salad dressing I use when I go to the restaurant.  I am not driven to ask for a senior citizen discount when I go to Dunkin Donuts and the kinds of meds that I take are still only 5.  Another biggie is when my wife come home from work and says “Oh, your still here.”  So I am now actively seeking employment.  It will probably be in sales since I stupidly let my brain surgery certification lapse about 2 years ago. 

So if anyone out there knows of anything please let men know.  I will still be pursuing my photography so feel free to visit my on-line store and buy something.