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RhondaThis is Rhoda a friendly little French bulldog that I met at Bard Coffee in Portland, Maine. She was with her owner Kate who owns Classic Hound  an online boutique for the fashion conscious canine. Rhoda and Kate were both very friendly so I urge you and the dogs that own you to check out Rhoda’s site.

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5 Responses to “Rhoda”

  1. Rachel

    LOVE this picture, just wanted to point out that Rhoda is an AMAZING french bulldog, not Boston Terrier.

  2. Kalasmommee

    Actually she is a Snuffle Pig . . . A veeeeeery spoiled one at that!

  3. patty

    Terrier or bull dog I’m impressed she speaks french. The bokeh for this image is a good choice it adds to the sweetness of this little girl.

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