Screw Auger Falls

Adding to the ongoing saga of my life I have decided that retirement wore very thin very quickly.  I know the name Rosen is often confused with the name Rockefeller but let me assure you that reality set in very fast and I am well on the way to recovery.  I will continue with my photography and as a reminder here is my store.  In addition to fine art I will continue with my street photography and also whore myself out and offer event photography, no weddings, but sporting events, Bar Mitzvahs, reunions, and birthday parties.  I will also matt some of my work and place them in shops and boutiques on consignment. 

The other good thing is that with connections from my last job I was able to get a position as a private contractor selling the same thing as my last job which is web design, SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing.  I will not have to attend conference calls and the hard part of hours of paperwork preparing orders will not exist.  So if you would like to contribute or no of anybody in need of any of these services please fell free to contact me. 


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  1. Catching up on the blogs and I see you have a new “normal” now with retirement…although I see you are beginning to fill up your agenda. It does take awhile to establish a new routine…especially when one has been “let go”. I have been retired since the end of April and I seem to have filled every minute of my time and no longer languish in a profession that was no longer as rewarding to me and wasn’t worth wasting a minute’s more of precious time on. I have so many interests that have always taken the back burner so to speak and so it’s still a struggle to fit them all in. No, I’m not bringing in a paycheck any longer but I can do better many things that if one had to pay for them, it would cost a fortune. The trick is to find fulfillment that is not linked to a paycheck…harder it seems for many men than for women. I wish you well…

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