Selling Your Photos

You know I have been waiting to sell my first photo.  This article confirms my thoughts.  If I want to sell anything I am going to get off my butt and work for it.  That’s why I have been considering event photography.  Anyway here is an interesting bit of information.

Selling Photos is not Easy (via Wildlife Photography)

A photographer contacted me recently, asking about setting up a stock photography website. “I have been passionate about digital photography and wish to start a website dedicated to photography”, the person wrote, adding that the site would be something along the lines of “a stock photography…

One Reply to “Selling Your Photos”

  1. There are so many stock agencies and good wildlife photos on the web it has become even more difficult to sell your images. It’s best to go out and sell your self. We never start out on the top wrung so selling starts at the bottom of the ladder. Offer to display your best images in professionally matted and framed presentations then the ball may begin to roll (ever so slowly) and eventually sales will begin. Waiting for someone else to accomplish what you want for your life just doesn’t happen.

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