Somebody Cares About Your Kids

Peter LeeThe other day I was calling on one of my customers, Peter Lee.  Peter is an attorney and one of my yellow pages advertisers.  Peter specializes in trusts and wills and occupies a small office on the second floor of what was once an old house on Main St in Yarmouth.  He runs the practice by himself and over the four years I have called on him which is once a year I have come to enjoy our brief visits.  Peter is an unassuming  and unpretentious person who fits just right in his small office. 

So I usually spend a little time and we talk about our lives and what is going on in his.  Without going into his personal life I have come to know Peter and a kind and gentle man.  In Yiddish he would be know as a real mensch.  Anyway two years ago he talked about a dream and some other people had of providing musical instruments to needy children who showed a desire to learn to play.  These instruments would be provided free of charge.  When I walked into to his office  yesterday Peter was on his way to fulfilling his dream.  Wherever I looked there were instruments everywhere in old case ready to be delivered. 

The short of the story is that The Instrument Exchange was born.  I urge you to visit their web site and if you have any old instrument gathering dust give Peter a call.

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4 Replies to “Somebody Cares About Your Kids”

  1. you do these portrait shots so well, bravo to Mr Lee, not many of us get to realize our dreams. We live in a small community with a music college, I wonder if they have the same program here certainly worth looking into thanks for the idea and success story…

  2. What a wonderful warm feeling Mr Lee must have to be able to get his dream fulfilled and in turn to be able to start many other dreams in motion. I have a warm feeling in my heart just hearing the story of humanity in action. Man does not live by bread alone!! I love your “investigative” reporting….

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