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In the 60’ Buffalo Spring sang Something’s Happening Here.  I t was one of the great anti-war rallying songs of the Viet Nam era.   Well it’s not happening here in Portland, Maine.  Yesterday I went down to Lincoln park when the Occupy Wall Street people are camped out.  What I found was a disturbing group of mostly homeless people camping out.  What was disturbing was that when I asked what they expected to happen I was told that they expected to be kicked out soon.  There no passion about what was happening in the country.  I guess I was looking for the old anti-war activist Abbie Hoffman


What I found was some interesting  people who  Joy Lyn Mulvihillcouldn’t tell me what was going on and why the were there.  This is Joy Lyn Mulvihill.  Joy was born in Portland to hippie parents and remains a hippie today.  She started out as a model until her mother to her to Salt Lake City.  She calls herself the last of the Mohicans.  Her story went on for a while.  I think I was getting her on a good day.


Next I met Tim Kimball.  Tim also from Portland and grew up with Joy Lyn.  Tim asked if ITim Kimble was going to take his picture.  I said yes I was and he asked if I could give him some money for food.  Tim had worked at several jobs over the years mostly construction types of jobs like roofing and painting.  He railed about the rich for a while but without any real solutions.  I gave him some money. 

I met Nicole a non-resident of the encampment.   Nicole is an artist.  NIcole She is from Waterville, Maine.  She was only there to lend support.  She attends college at the University of Maine where she is enrolled in the art program.  She is very talented.  Visit her web site .


  Then their was Josh.  Josh is an unemployed tattoo artist and auto Josh mechanic.  He is currently homeless.  His daughter has Leukemia and is not expected to live through the year.  He spoke about how hard it was to find jobs around Maine.  He also spoke about how hard it was to be homeless.  Josh was moving south to meet up with and support other groups.

I met others with similar stories.  They definitely have a community there.  They have settled in with a food tent thanks to scrounging and donations.  They have a medial tent and a structure that resembles a geodesic dome used for spirituality.  They live day to day waiting for the eviction notice to happen.

I don’t see great things coming out of this movement.  I haven’t heard any leadership being recognized.  Like the Republicans I don’t hear any solutions coming forth.  

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  1. Julie

    My young teenaged son is riveted to this movement and I’m hoping that it will be his generation that finally gets things right.

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