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Special Holy Season Message

I found this blog through a Facebook repost. I was really touched by it particularly because of the season we are in and the teachings of Jesus as I interpret them. I am Jewish so my understanding of his teachings may be a little different then yours. But since he spoke of the Golden Rule and it started in the Old Testament I think this article is relevant. I think the concept about love that Jesus spoke about was all inclusive. Here is the link. Tell what you think.

Happy Easter and a Happy Passover.

3 Responses to “Special Holy Season Message”

  1. KarenG

    Loved that…and it is truth- in order for a Christian to truly love and follow Jesus’ teaching you must love one another … we need more love….

  2. KarenAnn

    It is my opinion that if Jesus were here today, he would have a lot to say about how unkindly many segments of society are treated…including gays. Love one another….regardless….I hope your Passover season was joyous and fulfilling.

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