Starr-Pigeon Caller

This is Starr the Pigeon caller. I met Starr in front of the Portland Museum of Art. Who would have thought an art museum would be a good place to find pigeons? Starr has been feeding pigeons and there were literally hundreds of them on the ground and flying around his head. Starr loves these birds and a you can see he has developed a very close relationship with them. Starr is very open and welcoming to the birds, to me, and a lot of people passing by gave him a big wave and a smiling hello. It’s nice to have someone like Starr a part of this community.

This picture is #30 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at

Pigeon Caller

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2 Replies to “Starr-Pigeon Caller”

  1. Beautiful portrait of Starr…his gentleness and connection with the birds really shines through. The B/W is perfect for this image. Well done…I think Starr would be pleased!

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