Super Moon Rising

Last night some of you may have viewed the Super Moon.  The event occurs when the moon is closest to the earth during the year.  What you get if conditions are right is an incredible view of the moon.
After viewing this example of time lapse photography I was hooked.  I needed to learn the technique. 
I learned that time lapse photography is more work than it appears to be.  First there is the actual filming.  The tutorials can be very confusing.  on the last day of my shoot I found this Time Lapse Blog.  It is hosted by Owen Charlotte.  He easy to understand and I am sure my first attempt though very shaky will improve.  Owen didn’t say it but but if you are going to attempt this bring snacks, drinks, a chair, an your iPad for reading material.  Of course last night I never got to my supplies because there were to many people who wanted to know what I was doing. 

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