The Continuing Tales of Adobe

It is now 9PM eastern. It has been a very long week. The hard copy of Photoshop Elements arrived and I tried to install it with the same results. So tonight I called my Indian friends at Adobe and spent about an hour with the same results and was told that at the level I was talking they couldn’t do a remote connect. I kept my cool and asked who could and only the next level could. Now I been asking to go there since this ordeal started.

So here I am writing this post while a new Indian friend takes over my computer. For an hour or more I will watch patiently in hopes that tomorrow everything will be like new. Right now we are up uninstalling both Elements and Premiere Elements.

I bid you all goodnight or in the case of my friend Ron in Australia a good morning.

One Reply to “The Continuing Tales of Adobe”

  1. Like last week I’m reading your posts in reverse order. Computers and software where would we be without them????? Glad you didn’t lose your cool and persevered! Personally I think Adobe owes you a refund on the hard disc and shipping, but that’s another call and another day.

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