The Day Before 9/11

Word Trade Center
This past weekend I visited my son in his new home in Middletown, N.J.  On the 10th of September my wife and I went to see the World Trade Center ten years after our last visit.  At that time when we visited “Ground Zero” things were very different.  there was a black fence surround the pit which was what was left of the two towers once so full of life.  There were notes covering the walls some in emporium some still with have you seen messages.  It was a very somber place with the memory of that horrible day still fresh in our minds.  It was almost silent and still out of respect or just speechless that something so horrific could have happened. 

On this day, what a change.  One day before the memorial day things were abuzz.  the noise from the building and the crowds gathering to pay respects was quite evident.  It was still a somber place definitely not a carnival atmosphere but there was real evidence that we had made it back and there was a feeling of real pride that, despite all the bickering, and the petty politicking the country is going through, we had pulled off this wonderful recovery.