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The Light at the Bar

Light at the BarThis was a shot, no pun intended, that I took at Wally’s Café in Boston, Ma. Wally’s has been a top jazz spot since 1947 and some of the top jazz musicians have performed there. If you like jazz and you are in the area stop by but there early because after 9 it fills up quickly. Wally’s Cafe . Again I am using Topaz Lab Star Effect. I’m not sure how it works yet but when you click on the pre-set effects The star appears when you see it and then you work with the fine tuning. I don’t if the star or sun in this is movable or if you can add it in multiple locations. I haven’t spent that much time with it. I believe there are tutorials on You Tube.

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  1. patty

    I see an angelic look with this star! Very cool. Hope you had a great night and all that jazz.

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