The Rest of my Life

Cascade FallsSo I am one day into my 71st year.  That’s right yesterday I celebrated my 70 years on Earth.  Today it was time to take inventory.  I have my health.  I have and loving wife and children.  I have 12 wonderful grandchildren.  I am comfortable financially so I can pay my bills and buy a limited amount of toys.  Anything else that comes my way is gravy. 

So what could I ever wish for the next possible 20 years.  Oh, Oh here comes the political crap.  But I’m not going to point any fingers but here is what I wish for and it will be pretty much be to all of you to make it happen.  Number one I love this country of my birth but over the last several years we, The United States has lost it’s direction.  It has wandered off course and has forgotten it’s basic reason for being.  This country was created by people who came here for the most part to escape tyranny by unjust rulers and persecution because of their religions or their different beliefs.  We seem to have forgotten all that.  I’m not going to preach here but my only suggestion is this.  Clean it Up!!