Undocumented Workers

On my last day in Mexico I have some observations. Once again I am laying on the beach overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Ocean. Once again an onshore breeze is providing me with ideal vacation conditions. I have done almost everything wanted to and more. I went snorkeling, I went to the center of Cancun for some street photography and met some wonderful people who seemed to be representative of Mexico.

No where I went whether it was in the restaurants, or meeting vendors on the street or the taxi drivers, or desk staff, or the little girl,that I bought the wrist straps from for for ten pesos. If they were worried about paying their bills, or were not feeling well they left that all at hope. Even the laborers working around the hotel greeted us with an “Hola!” and a smile.

The amazing thing is is that everyone in Mexico is working at something. If you have an Iguana or a monkey you get people to pose with it for five pesos. People on the street are selling everything from towels to blankets, from corn on the cob to tacos and fruit. There is someone everywhere you go selling something. You can get prices on tours to anywhere. If you want to just lay on the beach someone will up to sell you jewelry and conch shells or food and drink.

My point is that even though there is a welfare program no one is sitting around waiting to take part in it. I saw a women and her young child with her baby suckling on her breast at ten o’ clock at night selling beads. If there were identifiable homeless people I never saw them. Last night on the bus I saw a young man get on dressed like a clown. He stood at the front of the bus told his story which I didn’t understand and then went through the bus and people gave him money. He was followed by another young man who entertained with his guitar.

If you see a trend that doesn’t exist in the United States so do I. There is a spirit that exists with these people that exists in those same people that we want to send back to Mexico. It is the same spirit that existed in our immigrant grandparents.

Hard work
Asleep on Bus

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  1. Amen, Robert! And another thing, one hardly sees an unkempt hispanic person doing his/her grocery shopping…they are always neat and clean which is more than I can say for the resident white people.

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