OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         As you can see this was taken in 2008. I was at a large farmers market in Montreal where they displayed some of the best quality vegetable I have ever seen. I found this in the archives while playing around with Adobe Lightroom and it’s publishing capabilities. I am still trying to find my way around it.  One thing I found is that it allows me to publish to the Social Media sites automatically.  With SmugMug I can update a gallery and it automatically updates my WordPress Galleries.  Also if I delete in SmugMug it does the same in WordPress. 

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4 Replies to “Vegetables”

  1. Such colorful veggies…makes my mouth water as I dream of really fresh produce! I have Lightroom but have never used the publishing capability. Am just now feeling comfortable with the editing and organizing aspects after a year using it.

  2. curiously I’ve missed your photo blog, wonderful content and intimidating for a picture taker like myself but I can still appreciate good photography, I’m many big steps from photoshops etc but that is what learning is all about I guess, first baby steps…looking forward to returning here….. beautiful photos of your two grandchildren

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