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Verify, Verify, Verify

So I was out to dinner with friends and invariably the conversation turned to current events. You know the usual topics. ” I hate Obama”, “I know Romney sucks but he’s better than Obama “. Usually these conversations are interspersed with statements that people have heard. Usually they are not statements that have not been read and rarely ever backed up and verified with further investigation.

I am really trying very hard not to get involved with these people because it always ends up with bad feelings. In the old days there was a practice that nothing would get aired or printed in the paper without checking at least three sources. A good example of this was shown in the movie All the Presidents Men starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford. It was about the investigation carried on by Carl Bernstien and Bob Woodword for the Washington Post. Ben Bradley insisted three verified sources for every store. That was before cable tv and the Internet. Today there is so much competition to be first to brake a story that networks will report anything to to get ahead of the others. Cases of false death reports have actually occurred.

It is so easy to verify the untruths one hears by merely going to Google and typing in the comment you heard and instantly receive comments on almost any you hear. Go ahead try this one. ” the world is flat “. See how many conflicting reports you find.

Enough! I have to go to work.

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  1. munchow

    I work in the journalistic world, and unfortunately I will have to agree with you. Too often unverified rumours get published as news. The old saying in the business “never check a good story” has become today’s mantra. Unfortunately. Nevertheless there are still a few good journalists out there.

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